"Hermitage" ensemble of soloists "Hermitage" ensemble of soloists
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About the Ensemble

During the last years many musicians created ensembles of their own. And we have many examples to evidence the trend these are Vladimir Spivakov, Yury Bashmet, Gedon Kremer. When young musicians students and graduates of the Moscow Conservatory united under direction of Alexey Utkin, an oboist it became the first time in the world practice that musicians chose to be under the guidance of an oboe player, rather than that of a piano player, a violin player or a viola player.

In the year 2000 he created The Hermitage Ensemble of Soloists, the latter performs with equal success baroque music and compositions of the 20-th century. Regardless the tradition Alexey Utkin does not intend to conduct, for he perceives his role as that of an inspiring leader and the soloist of the Ensemble.

One finds musical pieces by composers of different epochs in the repertoire of the Ensemble Bach,Haydn, Teleman, Shostakovitch, Prokofyev, Britten and rarely performed masterly pieces by Italian oboe player and composer Antonio Pasculli. In Hermitage repertoire, apart from the pieces for oboe there are concerts for different instruments. Most frequently they are performed by musicians of the Ensemble. Hence the name - Ensemble of Sloists. Besides, the repertoire includes vocal compositions of different epochs: cantatas by I.S. Bach, Handel's operas, arias from operas by Verdi and Mozart. The Ensemble performs regularly in the best concert halls of Moscow (Rakhmaninov's Hall, Big and Small Halls of Tchaikovsky's Moscow State Conservatory, Big and Small Halls of the Moscow International House of Music), and also in the biggest Russian cities (St.Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk). The Ensemble is actively touring, performing at the musical festivals in Latvia , Turkey , France , Germany and Poland .

Dmitry Hvorostovsky, Elena Obraztsova, Lubov Kazarnovskaya, David Daniels, , Jean Ferrandis, Mikhail Milman, Muyassar Razzakova, Aina Kaltsiema, Mikhail Utkin, Paul Gay, Mikhail and Andrei Ivanovs are among the musicians cooperating with Hermitage. Hermitage Ensemble of soloists combines the active concert activity with the studio work. In 2003 the first ever disc in Russia in the format of Super Audio CD was recorded. The disc was released under the brand Caro Mitis (producer Mikhail Serebryani). During the last 1,5 years there were 5 discs recorded under the same brand with pieces by Bach, Mozart, Shostakovitch and Britten.